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The project is a C# app which allows the user to select pictures from his SmugMug galleries and insert them into his blog post using Windows Live Writer

It uses my SmugMugModel in C# to let the user log in to his account and even store his credentials for the next time (you can change the stored credentials by clicking the “Change Current User” button in the main window).

If the log in is successful, the user will get a list of all the categories and subcategories which have albums and view them and their albums in a tree view, making it easy to select the desired album.
By double clicking an album, its unhidden pictures are downloaded and displayed in size “tiny” so that the user can browse through them and select some or all.

The user can insert the selected pictures in his blog by selecting the desired size (if none is specified, the default is “tiny”). By checking the “Embed Link” check box, you can embed a link to the picture (the default is no link embedded).

By pressing “OK”, the pictures are inserted into the blog at the specified size and with a link embedded or not.

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